Cockscomb Flowers

This photo is a picture of cockscomb plants (Celosia) that are growing in container in our yard.  Earlier this year, a friend sent us a pack of tiny cockscomb seeds that she harvested from her cockscomb plants last year. We planted them back in April, and they are now blooming.

These cockscombs have unusually shaped red flowers and reddish leaves.  Our plants only reached about 18 inches tall, probably because they are growing in a small container. But they have the potential to grow up to about 3 feet tall.  

We have been told that cockscombs can easily self-propagate and may soon be popping up all over the yard.  That’s part of the reason I decided to grow them in a container.  I think I can control where the seeds fall more easily this way.

September 22 2008 01:02 pm | Cockscomb