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White Rose of Sharon

The above-pictured white rose of sharon has been blooming in our backyard for over a month.  Every time I go outside to look at it, bees are buzzing around its flowers.  I have not noticed a decline in the bee population in our backyard.

Apparently, certain flowers attract bees more than others.  Rose of sharon appears to be very attractive to bees.  My guess is that growing a diversity of flowering plants is probably good for prompting a healthy local honey bee population.  Most flowering plants only bloom for a few weeks out of the year.  Growing a diversity of flowers gives bees a food source over a longer season.

This rose of sharon bush was planted by the previous owners.  Its flowers are attractive, and it has bloomed every summer.  Also, it requires very little care.  I don’t think I have ever fertilized it, and it doesn’t seem to require a lot of water.  Rose of sharon is also very frost tolerant.  It can easily withstand temperatures in the 20s, and probably much lower.

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