Mirandy Rose

I purchased this Mirandy hybrid tea rose from a local discount garden center a few months ago for $6.50.  It seemed like a great deal, even though the bush was small and looking a bit scraggly.   I figured that I could get it to recover with a little bit of care and a regular watering schedule.  

Roses seem to like being watered everyday during our rainless summer months.  I have been watering all of our roses daily using an automatic micro-spray watering system.  This Mirandy rose has doubled in size since I bought it in July.  It was full of flowers about a month ago.  A few weeks ago, it started growing a second set of blooms.  The second set of roses just started opening two days ago.  

The flowers have a deep red color with a hint of purple and a sweet fragrance that I typically associate with red roses. They are near perfection in terms of their looks.  However, the flowers open quickly, and they typically lose their petals within a few days after opening.

September 29 2008 12:54 pm | Roses