Jacaranda Trees

One of the highlights of summer is the sight of jacaranda trees in bloom. Jacaranda trees are inconspicuous trees most of the year that seem to blend into the background. But every year in the month of June, the smattering of jacaranda trees in our neighborhood burst into bloom providing a breathtaking display of lavender flowers that cover the breadth of the canopy. The above picture was taken about 3 weeks ago in late June.

Jacaranda trees are probably my favorite flowering tree. They seem to grow amazingly well in the inland portions of the San Francisco Bay Area, despite the occasional freeze. Jacaranda trees suffer when the temperature drops below about 28°F. About 18 months ago, California suffered an unusually severe cold spell, with temperatures dropping into the mid to low 20s. Some Jacarandra trees in our neighborhood lost branches, but the trees survived and are now blooming again.

July 14 2008 09:27 pm | Jacaranda