Golden Raspberries



These are photos of my Anne rasberry bush. I purchased it as a bare root plant from an online mail order website about three years ago. I am growing it in a pot, because raspberries can spread quickly when grown in the ground. So far, it has taken well to the pot. It has produced berries every year. It even produced a few berries in its first growing season. I support the raspberry canes with chicken wire and a tomato cage. Because the canes need to be pruned each winter, I don’t think it’s worth the effort to tie the canes to a trellis.

Anne is an everbearing raspberry that is supposed to produce a first crop of berries in early summer and a second crop of berries in late summer into fall. Last year, I harvested a few berries in late June and early July, and larger crop mainly in August. This year, its first crop of raspberries starting ripening in late May. I have been harvesting golden raspberries every few days for the past two weeks now.

I really enjoy the taste of these raspberries. They have a nice sweet-tart flavor. They are less tart than red rasberries. The only problem I’ve had with this plant is insects eating some of the leaves and berries. I haven’t been able to determine what type of insect it is yet, and I don’t want to spray the plant while it has berries on it.

I have read that raspberries prefer climates that have slowly warming temperatures in the springtime. We have that climate here, where highs are still mainly in the 70s, and it has been mild since early March. I’ve noticed that the leaves of this raspberry plant can look burnt after a heatwave. I have it now growing in a spot that gets morning sun and afternoon shade after about 1 pm, and it seems to like that degree of exposure better than full sun all day long.

June 05 2013 11:17 pm | Raspberries