Black Magic Rose

I just took this photograph of our black magic rose bush. Black magic roses are great, because each flower lasts for a long time. The flowers open slowly in a few days and then typically remain open for weeks. An individual flower can last for 2-3 weeks before losing its petals. They are the longest lasting roses we have in our garden.

Our black magic rose is shaped as a tall tree rose. It is a prolific bloomer, and it grows faster than most of our other rose bushes (except the climbing roses). The flowers grow on long stems that are great for cutting. Several times a year from spring until fall, our black magic rose is filled with deep red roses that last for weeks before fading, rather than just days. Many other roses, like Mr. Lincoln, de-petal only a few days after opening.

The petals of the black magic flowers seem to be sturdier than other roses. They don’t seem to sunburn or wilt as easily as other roses. However, black magic does not have any detectable fragrance.

October 18 2008 01:07 pm | Roses