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Plumeria is Back


Last fall, I left our deciduous plumeria outdoors too long. I was hoping the cooler weather would naturally stimulate it into dropping its leaves. But when a frost hit in December, our plumeria not only dropped its leaves, but it got frost bitten badly. Many of its branches turned brown. I thought it might be dead.

But we kept it anyway to see if it would grow back. In the spring, I put it back outside, but it did not grow any leaves, and I stopped watering it in May. When it still had not grown any leaves by mid-June, I had decided to throw it away. Luckily, I didn’t get around to it, because in early July, it suddenly began to sprout new leaves. It has been growing vigorously since then. It now looks as good as it did prior to being frost bitten. It looks like another bloom is now a real possibility.

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Jade Plant in Clay Pot


Several years ago, my mother gave me this jade plant. I planted it in the ground near our house, but it didn’t seem to like that location. It hadn’t grown for years, probably due to a lack of regular watering and insufficient sunlight. Last year, my partner and I transplanted our jade plant into a large clay pot, where it gets a regular watering from our micro-spray system. The pot is located under a porch where it gets about an hour or two of late afternoon sun.

It seems to be liking its new location. Our jade plant has grown significantly since we transplanted it into this pot. Its leaves are thick and have a deep green color. Although, our jade plant has yet to bloom for us. Jade plants are supposed to produce little star-shaped pink flowers.

Many of the jade plants I see growing in our area have pale green or even yellow leaves. I think the pale color is due to insufficient watering.

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